Company History


Mr. Uy Yian Ping organized UKC Builders in July 1988 as a sole proprietorship construction firm with office at Don Carlos, Bukidnon.  A year after, UKC Builders transferred to Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City where it is currently holding office. On January 10, 1994, UKC Builders became a corporation, and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, changing its name to UKC Builders, Inc.

On that same year, a new corporation, Techno-Stress Systems Corporation (link) was established to complement UKC Builders, Inc.’s requirement and also the needs of the construction industry in Northern Mindanao and neighboring regions.

The plant is principally engaged in the production of Pre-stressed Concrete Products such as Solid Square Piles, Sheet Piles, Double Tee Slabs, U-Beams, Pre-stressed Bridge Girders, Spun Poles and other pre-cast products.

UKC Builders, Inc. is committed to providing quality and efficient service.  As part of this commitment, it has a considerable pool of equipment ranging from backhoes, road rollers, cranes, payloaders, graders, hydraulic hammer and other construction equipment necessary to complete the project ahead of schedule.  

 Its latest acquisition are the four (4) units state-of-the-art Hydraulic Static Pile Drivers.

The Hydraulic Static Pile Driver complements the existing conventional diesel hammers and a 7-ton capacity hydraulic impact hammer to raise the bar in the local industry to quality standards currently adopted in Europe and other Asian countries. 

In urban and populated areas where environmental restrictions for noise, pollution and vibration are strictly enforced, Static Pile Driving is the solution.  The pile is completely pressed into the ground by static force without the hammering noise, excessive smoke or disturbing vibrations in the surrounding area.